Newsies Set Rental and Scenery/Prop Rental

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Elida High School

SET Rental


Detailed installation/assembly instructions will be included.  

Contact us if assembly help is needed.  We can negotiate a fair price for our team to come and assemble over a weekend, depending on location and availability.


PACKAGE 1: $2000 for 4 week rental

(Renter picks up or covers cost of shipping)


Pulitzer’s Desk

Pulitzers’ Desk Chair and 2 side chairs

Printing Press

“The World” Door (16’ tall -must be hung)

Burgandy Material for Medda’s Curtain

Painted Backdrops for Medda’s Theater (in two parts each 4x8)

Painted “Santa Fe” Backdrop with Pulitzer boot on reverse side

Katherine’s Desk and Typewriter on rolling cart

Jack’s Paint Table and stools on rolling cart

Newspaper distribution wagon

Crutchie’s Bunkbed

Small wood cart

Simulated newspaper stacks for standing or sitting (2)

Large plastic barrel (for fight scene)

Foam Newspaper bundles (6) (for fight scene)

Tables for Jacobi’s Deli scene (3)

Authentic Bentwood Chairs for Jacobi’s Deli Scene (15)

Scaffold Mobile Units (2) with Newsie gate


PACKAGE 2: $4500 for 4 week rental

(Renter picks up or covers cost of shipping)

(For local renters, assistance with assembly can be negotiated)

(For others, instructions with labeling are provided)


Multilevel Stationary Platform/Scaffold Unit

    2 Towers with two level.  4 ft. and 12 ft. platforms, and ladders.  Connects to middle and side platforms via stairways.

    1 Central platform 8 feet high.  Middle unit connects to the two tower units via stairways.

    Expanded Steel flooring throughout.  Allows for lighting to case some pretty cool shadows.

    Multiple stairs and ladders that connect all levels

    1 Rolling Staircase

    Entire unit covers a width of 50 feet and is 6 feet deep

    Railings on all platforms


Package #3:  RENTAL of Package 1 & 2: $6000 for 4 week rental

(Renter picks up or covers cost of shipping)