Back to the 80's Costume Rental

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  • The Easton Twins in Back to the 80's
  • Corey from Back to the 80's
  • Huey from Back to the 80's

At A to Z Theatrical, we rent costumes for the Stage, Film, and the Everyday. Our Back to the 80's rental includes Star Wars Costumes for the nightmare as well.  One of the joys when you work with A to Z Theatrical is we do all alterations in house, so the costumes are ready to wear when you pull them out of the box. Also, a project manager will be assigned to your show who you can rely on to answer any questions and keep you up to date on how your show is progressing.   We try our best to accommodate every individual production to make sure it's the best experience possible. Please click on the link below to be taken to our website to view all the costumes for Back to the 80's.  Contact our sales team to get a complete costume plot and a quote for your production.