Aristocat's "River" that Marie "falls" into

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April 17, 2012
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Any suggestions on how to create the look of a "river" that Marie falls into during Aristocats? If you have used fabric, would you please describe color and width and how you handled it during the performances?Thanks. We produce our show in four weeks so I am looking for a quick answer - if possible.
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April 23, 2012
I directed Aristocats with K-8th graders, and we were originally going to use fabric, but scrapped the idea as well. Instead, we had a sheet of luan that we cut out to look like waves, and painted it blue. I had some students backstage push it out from the wings and move it back and forth to look like the moving currents in the river. Marie and O'Malley fell behind it and moved up and down to look like the river was pulling them under. It was a much less expensive alternative than the fabric, especially considering how short the scene is.

April 22, 2012
I directed Aristocats with 5-10 Year olds. We were going to use blue fabric to be the river. We practiced with the fabric pre-set on the stage and had the "Ally Cats" manipulate it for the River Scene. 2 weeks before the show, I decided that the fabric was more trouble than it was worth, and the "Ally Cats" became the River. They just spread out in a line across the stage and "waved" up and down. Marie fell into them and O'Mally rescued her. When Marie was safe, the Ally Cats changed back into Ally Cats and moved back to the fence where they were blocked. I generally love the idea of a Greek Chorus of young actors who get to become lots of "characters" - even personifying inanimate things. They get to be a real part of telling the story beyond lines and music.